Dr. Jose Pietro Aparicio (MD MPH) is both a Medical Doctor and an expert in International Public Health who comes originally from Honduras and now lives in New York City.  He is the current President of the Latino Caucus for Public Health of the American Public Health Association.  He is also a Director of Quality Assurance, Performance Improvement and Regulatory Affairs working inside the New York University Hospital Network.  Beginning his work as chief doctor for a region of 20,000 people in the countryside of Honduras, in addition to providing primary medical care Dr. Aparicio implemented numerous public health projects to reduce disease incidence and improve the quality of health care delivery for the population over which he was in charge.  He obtained his MPH from the Hebrew University (Hadassah) in Jerusalem.


Dr. Aparicio has created and implemented programs as diverse as access to HIV medications for developing world populations and antibiotic resistance control programs that have been implemented by the New York State Public Health Department across all hospitals in the state.


Dr. Aparicio has served as the president of the NGO health committee which is based in New York City, an active member of the American Public Health Association, and over the last 15 years has contributed with numerous projects connected to the UN in New York and the World Health Organization in Geneva.




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